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The Characters (in order of appearance) : The Plot: of the cartoon.
1. Jetpack Baby, heading into the Gulf of Mexico, like the ancient meteor, which some said disrupted the dinosaurs.  
2. Ushururu Baby, riding his rocket into the African continent. The babies come to Earth and need perfect lullabies to help them relax and learn how to create an harmonious planet.
3. Bamboo Baby, drifting to a soft landing in the Orient. For many years, the professor has been searching with his instruments and computers in the lab, to create perfect lullabies.
4. Baby Poppins, en-route to London, home of LucyTuned Lullabies. In a Eureka! moment John "Longitude" Harrison's ghost shows him that the "magic" answer is pi. (Pie in the sky?)
5. Sombrero Baby, air freighted into Mexico by Stork Airways. The professor tunes traditional (generations-tested) lullabies from around the world, and tests it on his baby.
6. Surfer Baby, (this is John K. Lucy) who did the animation, was born in Hawaii.He surfs on, to the California coast. It works so well that babies gather to nap in the sheep pasture outside the lullabies lab.
7. The Guide Baby, who navigates us to the next scene and counts the sheep clouds. One sad baby has no good lullabies until a LucyTuned CD drops through his front door.
8. The Professor, whose quest is for the perfect formula to produce lullabies. His distraught mother plays it.
9. The Ghost of John 'Longitude' Harrison, who first used π to calculate musical tuning and harmony. Happy baby
10. Four Happy Babies gather by the lab, for a nap, where they have it made in the shade. Meanwhile many other babies experiment with different ways to listen. (including downloads)
11. The Restless Baby who needs his LucyTuned lullabies.  
12. Exhausted Mum of the restless baby.  
13. The Contented Baby who listens on his wind up gramophone. All rights reserved - 2005

Click on picture to see a Quick Time (.mov) video of Aide Burrows from the British band, My Architects rehearsing his specially-tuned LucyTuned 12 string guitar part for "Lully, Lully, Lully", the Montenegro lullaby on LucyTuned Lullabies II album. He is sitting below the walnut tree, which is now well-known as "Walnut Tree" from the Keane "Hopes and Fears" album, which had been recorded in the same James Sanger studio a few weeks earlier.

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